Kulturbrauerei e.V. has since 2011 regularly staged festivals for contemporary African dance at HAU Hebbel am Ufer and has for that purpose created a unique, nationwide platform.

Each festival had several thousand spectators for the diverse events. Media coverage was extensive and the interest from multipliers in culture, politics, and media was immense.

Kulturbrauerei e.V. has for the last 25 years been working with project initiation and production and has over the years acquired a profound and diverse know-how in the field of cross-genre cultural management.

Central themes are intercultural dialogue, interdisciplinary cultural projects, and the promotion of young art and culture. These focal points are tightly interwoven and demand cooperation and encounters. The events are accompanied by workshops and symposia that facilitate an intensive examination of the different themes and thus enable a compact and deep experience. This is done through a mainly non-commercial approach. This facilitates the support of innovative, extraordinary projects with national and international artists beyond the mainstream.