Festivals 2011–2016



Contemporary dance from Burkina Faso, Kenya, South Africa and Congo
Performances, photo exhibition, workshop
Compagnie Baninga © Patrick Fabre

In Germany African dance is still perceived as somewhat exotic. The festival made an effort to “decolonise” the Western view on the black body. Through dance performances, an accompanying photo exhibition at Institut Français, and a workshop, contemporary African dance was removed from its niche and the different developments and styles were presented.



Contemporary dance from Algeria, Ivory Coast, Mali, Morocco, Senegal and South Africa
Performances, movie, workshop
Nadia Beugré © Elise Fitte-Duval

The festival presented a new generation of female African dancers and choreographers, powerfully claiming their place at the center of the dance scene. Women were once pioneers of contemporary African dance, but still the structures of the African dance scene are male dominated. Even in Germany their presence at festivals remain an exception to the rule.



Burkina Faso between culture and revolution
Dance, theater, film, concert
Compagnie Salia Sanou © Marc Coudrais

The festival displayed the vibrant Burkinabe cultural scene on the backdrop of the popular revolt in 2014. The purpose was to create a platform where the dancers and actors and their creative processes were in context with the connection between art and social engagement. The pieces – almost entirely Germany premieres – took on themes like freedom of speech, human rights and cultural diversity.